About Me

Specializing in Women, Infant, Child, and Pregnancy Massage, Jennifer Scotchel is a highly skilled and personable massage therapist. Jennifer is a 2002 graduate of Garrett College in McHenry, MD. and is a WV Licensed Massage Therapist with several years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers to her credit. Jennifer opened Mother’s Intuition Massage in March of 2006, after taking extensive course work specifically in pregnancy and infant massage.

Mother’s Intuition Massage also offers classes for mothers interested in learning how massage can soothe and calm your baby. Sessions are highly personalized to your individual needs, because Jennifer practices “intuitive massage”, a discipline where all sessions are customized to your family’s specific needs for the day.  Knowing that no two sessions are ever the same, return customers look forward to the opportunities for growth and quiet time with their little ones. Before every session, Jennifer takes the time to assess your personal needs and goals to ensure you have a unique and wonderful experience every time you visit.

Massage styles include Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, fascial release, energy therapy (reiki), and many other modalities in each session according to the needs of your body.

You are welcome to contact me at any time, either by using the “Contact Me” link on the left menu, or via this email address: Jennifer@mothersintuitionmassage.com